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Glossy laminate

what it is?

What is Elesgo

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The ELESGO Laminated Parquet is more durable than the natural woodblock, more hygienic than the floorcloth and warmer than the tilework. It is made solvent-free that is confirmed by the Bayern Land Handwerkskammer. The ELESGO parquet has been quality certified by Institut fuer Holztechnologie Dresden.


ELESGO(R) is the registered electron beam curing method. This abbreviation is expanded as ELEktronen Strahl Gehaertete Oberflache (electron beam cured surface).

How is the structure of the ELESGO acrylate multi-layer material being formed?


    * The decor base is formed by the dedicated paper imitating the wood or stone structure, or art-colored.
    * The decor paper is coated with special layer impregnated with acrylate-resin-based composite added with mineral particles (corundum) making the surface wear-resistant.
    * The next layer that is top layer impregnated with acrylate resins provides resistance for mechanical stress, representation of the decor structure and antistatic properties of the surface.
    * This laminate is cured exposed to the light beam of definite spectrum (by photopolymerization principle). Thus, the high-duty and flexible film is achieved. What are the unique properties of ELESGO(R) surface?
    * "Environmentally perfect - free of formaldehyde and solvents that is confirmed by the Blue Angel eco-label".
    * Antistatic properties (draws up no dust).
    * Hygienic properties (requires no special care, easy to clean).
    * The unique haptical and optical effect of the decor.
    * The ELESGO laminate is of high-duty and wear-resistance
    * High resistivity to stains and to effects of household chemicals.
    * Resistivity to high temperatures.
    * No fading in the sun (resistivity to UV exposure).

Why do we recommend the ELESGO laminated parquet?

    1. High quality.
    2. The ELESGO is the first parquet that passed complete ecological evaluation and is allowed for combustion and recycling in Europe.
    3. Long-term service life (10, 14 and more years).
    4. It is serviceable and requires no additional maintenance.
    5. Perfect color reproduction (looks like 100% wood).
    6. Enormous range of decors.
    7. Suitable for heated floors.
    8. It is highly abrasive-resistant and shock-resistant.
    9. It is resistant effects of solid objects.
    10. It is not sensitive to smoldering cigarette.
    11. Exclusive and new collections (noise-absorbing parquet, gloss parquet, floorboard- imitating parquet).
    You should admit that the ELESGO laminated parquet is far ahead of its routine competitors...