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Glossy laminate

what it is?

Wearingproperties of glossy laminate

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There is a commonly asked question: ‘How sensitive is the glossy floor? May the glossy floor look so nice and at the same time not require special care and be resistant to stresses?

For sure! Revolutionary technology ELESGO(R) makes this floor unique all over the world. Thanks to its hygienic properties ELESGO(R) floor perfectly suits to living accommodations. What impresses most is not just a beautiful look of the laminate but its unpretentiousness in cleaning, resistance to stresses and technical properties. All these parameters make glossy laminate a true favorite.

Wearing properties of glossy laminate elesgo Wearing properties of glossy laminate HDM Wearing properties of glossy laminate
ELESGO® Gloss Blue pearl 150 rotations. Natural stone Blue pearl 150 rotations Natural. Stone Neroassoluto 150 rotations

As you can see laminate flooring ELESGO(R) is not inferior to its fellows made of natural stone.

This comparis onw asconducted according to the standard testing of wearing properties with natural granite according DIN 13329 EN12978 and shows wearing resistance of glossy laminate. To simulate actual operation the floor coatings are exposed to extreme abrasive working.

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