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Glossy laminate

what it is?

Gloss laminate properties

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Gloss laminate properties


Antistatic and antibacterial laminate

Antistatic and antibacterial laminate. Use of special-purpose materials and application of various surface structures enables the ELESGO flooring to have such outstanding property of antistatic protection. Research and expert evaluation confirm insulating properties of the gloss laminate and thereby the additional protection.



The floor

The floor "Wellness floor - extra Sensitive" has been designed for the first time ever the content of formaldehyde in which is much lower than that prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Test Certificate by the independent institute in Germany confirms that content of formaldehyde in the Wellness floor - extra Sensitive is lower than 0.05 ppm. This means that the formaldehyde content is insomuch low that it is unprovable.



round-shaped longitudinal edges

The difference of the ELESGO having this marking lies in inimitable exterior formed by the round-shaped longitudinal edges. Slightly round-shaped edges are made of the same material layer that the surface itself. Hence the smooth transition from one floorboard to another is designed and this impression applies to the whole room. The junction is very lasting thanks to its shape and use of the same material froedges and surface.



natural feelingFeeling comfortable when walking is highly important to create good and balanced atmosphere in the room. The components of this flooring match one another perfectly to achieve this feature. This floor is comfortably warm and not very hard, it is inviting to walk on and impresses noble and high-quality.



HDF plus

The dedicated high-quality flooring panels are the base of this laminate. The HDF massive panel with high unit weight and special patching system create the quality of the floor meeting the today's requirements. Exclusively the German wood from stable forest facilities is the raw material for this high-quality panel.



additional special lubricant

All the edges of the ELESGO laminated parquet are impregnated with additional special lubricant. This somewhat oily efficient lubricant serves as additional protection of edges against probable water penetration. Variations of temperature or humidity level in the room may result in minor and barely perciptible changes in dimensions of wood-based materals. Owing to this lubricant, possibility of noise when walking reduces.



Sounds emitted when walking reduce 50%

Sound insulation thanks to the latest technique. The honeycomb structure at the floorboards' reverse side produces the excessive acoustic vibrations. Sound waves are refracted inside the honeycomb and reflected to its opposite walls until the sound goes out entirely. Sounds emitted when walking reduce 50%. The Wellness flooring is 10 decibel more silent as compared to common laminated floorings.


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